Thursday, 28 February 2013

There's a War On, You Know

Hello to you all,

I am writing to you, because I need your help! About a year ago, I went to a charity shop and found this:

The lady who worked there, said it was supposed to be from WWII and that it could be either a British or a Canadian helmet. Now, my guess is that it is Canadian because I found it in Canada, but I could be wrong. Since I'm no expert, does anybody know anything about it? Is it even from the war? It is interesting that it still has its coat of arms and it is rather clean for its age. The inside looks as if it has never been worn!

I am interested in WWII a lot and I love to collect a few bits from that era. Here are some examples of the things I've gathered.

1942 Stamp Series with King George VI

A few French Magazines:


These are only a few things that I own from the war. Of course I cannot show you everything, but I am hoping to add many more things to my personnal collection in the near future.

Have a lovely day,



  1. Took me a little digging but I managed to find it - the helmet is technically WW2, the British & Commonwealth MkII. But after the war some were refurbished in the Netherlands and then used by Norwegian forces (the coat of arms is the official Norwegian one). More here. Hope that helps!

    Some great things there, by the way. Particularly like the stamp sheet.

    1. Oh thank you so much! I am very grateful for what you found! Thanks for your lovely and helpful comment.