Monday, 25 March 2013

Montreal = Lots of Vintage Fun!

A while ago, I had a week off so a little holiday was required! When I have the occasion to do so, I like to visit my friend Véronique in Montréal, so I booked tickets and there I was in Montreal! This has been a very very pleasing week (though my wallet would say the contrary)! On the vintage scene, my trip has been very successful and I look forward to doing something similar again.

First of all, Véronique and I visited various thrift stores and antique shops. I found a late 1950's or 1960's tweed jacket which unfortuately was too big for me, but I brought it back home anyway. I might sell it on Etsy. When I saw the union label on the jacket, I had to have it!

The said jacket
One of the shops that I like to stop by when I visit Montreal is La Baronne de l'Insolite. The seller is a charming lady who sells nice things. Of course, this is an antique shop and the Baronne knows that Véronique and I love old 78 rpm records and vintage clothes. We left with a pile of records and  Véronique bought a lovely vintage hat with a veil and a feather. In my case, I left with a 'penguin suit' which dates probably from the 1920s according to a friend. It is not it the best condition (it has several holes and needs mending) but I was very pleased with it.

Poor picture taken whilst travelling of the 'penguin jacket'
Véronique wearing the lovely hat and me

After that, I found some film rolls for my vintage camera, so that I could meet a new vintage friend: Jill from Tea with the Vintage Baroness. I seem to be able to find baronesses easily in Montreal! We had a trememdous time! We first ate at the most wonderful Dominion Square Tavern which is now a restaurant. It is said that the restaurant did not change much since the 1920's. You can understand how satisfied I was with it. The menu was also very nice and tasty. Their sticky toffee pudding was pure bliss!

Véronique and Jill at the 1920's restaurant. Jill is wearing an original 1930's dress

A few snaps of the restaurant

After discussing over a good meal, an attempt of swing dancing evening was planned. I say attempt, because Véronique and I did not know how to dance (though a little lesson was given) and also because the place was very crowded. However, I did enjoy it and thankfully, Miss Jill has been able to teach us the basic steps (which is the only thing that I learnt). The music was really nice and it was also enjoyable to see the good dancers jitterbugging! As Jill said: 'I have been bitten by the jitterbug!'

The following day, Jill, Véronique and I went vintage shopping. We stopped a at wonderful shop which Véronique likes to call 'Le Monsieur's'. The place is specialised in vintage hats and women's clothes. Seeing my style and knowing that I would not buy anything on display, Le Monsieur kindly showed me vintage gentlemen's items. I bought a tie pin and a pair of cufflinks, whilst Véronique left with a wonderful late 1930's/early 1940's hat and a 1950's or 1960's one. Of course, the first one is my favourite. Jill gave herself a little treat: a wonderful vintage ring. I guess we were all very happy.  Le Monsieur said that I have to come back, because next time he'll show me men's hats and vintage watches!

I really enjoyed this little trip and I hope to see the Vintage Baroness again,

That's all folks!  


  1. Thanks for this post. It is a delightful record of our Montreal adventures. Hope to repeat the wonderful experience this summer, my friend. Great finds, too!!